How Dating will look like in 2017

It has been said 2016 was the year of the dating app, but things are already changing as 2017 is shaping up.

It has been said 2016 was the year of the dating app, but things are already changing as 2017 is shaping up. According to experts, this is what is predicted in the dating scene for the New Year.

Apps for Marriage

The market is getting saturated with increasing numbers of dating apps. This translates to indecision, with daters feeling like they are shooting in the dark. On the bright side, app creators are looking more into creating niche features that helps daters determine whether they have a chance with someone before they invest time and effort. So it is not surprising to start seeing apps geared towards marriage hitting the app stores.

Faster Transition to offline

While connections are perfect for first impressions, the real interaction is geared to go offline. This means that more and more daters are looking to have meaningful and personal engagement away from technology—an important aspect as not many daters in 2016 went offline with peoples they met either on social media or on dating apps.

Back to the Old School

With the above events taking place, 2017 will be there year when old school dating makes a comeback. Question of hooking up and walking away or engaging in dead-end conversation will see a reduction as people are more focused on having intimate discussions laced with vulnerability and emotional intimacy.

It will also translate into people ditching the apps and meeting people the old school way—through friends and family or even at events. Consequently, more people will be hanging out at events and parties to kill two birds with one stone: have fun and meet someone new to date.

Older people are less fussy

According to researchers in Queensland University of Technology, dating criteria changes as people get older. Consequently, older people with a higher level of education look out for mates who do not necessarily have the same level of education as they do. This is the opposite for people with low level of education, who tend to look for mates with their education level. The best thing from this is that the internet has provided people with adequate pool of individuals, allowing them great opportunity for selection.

Increased harassment online

The internet is a pitfall of harassers, and this translates into online dating apps. Research has indicated that in 2016, over 57 per cent of women and 21 per cent of men have reported incidences of harassment while on dating apps. However, even with these startling numbers, not all apps have put in place measures to deal with such cases, and if they have, they do not necessarily act upon them. So keep in mind that in 2017, you may be a victim of harassment online. In case this happens, experts advise that you should report such instances and refuse to tolerate it so that the trend can be stopped.

So are you ready to date in 2017?

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