Trouble as Jubilee governor accused of ethnic profiling in Marsabit

Marsabit County governor Mohamud Ali

Marsabit Governor Mohamud Ali could find himself in trouble following his questionable conduct as county chief.

The former National Hospital Insurance Fund boss who was elected governor on August 8 is said to have been sidelining members of a particular ethnic group in Marsabit.

According to a letter addressed to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) from Barilleh Abduba, who is former Governor Ukur Yatani’s ally, Mohamud is accused of among other things firing officials from the Gabra community from his government.

Residents thus have called for investigation and prosecution of the Governor for abuse of office and setting communities against each.

Here is the letter in full;

“I am bringing to your attention acts of discrimination against Gabra community by the Governor of Marsabit County Hon Mohamud Ali. There’s sustained ethnic purge against this community by MCG through a  deliberate scheme to either constructively render them redundant by way of mass transfers of staffs from this community, unlawfully terminating their employments, denying them jobs and conducive job environment and threats of contractual consequences.

Within two months of being in office, the Governor employed 65 of 67 persons from his community only, with single placements for Burji and Rendile each during the same time. Whilst denying any employment opportunities to the Gabra community, he unprocedurally and without any reason transferred 35 members of staff of Gabra community, all replaced with new recruitments and in most instances without due regards for qualifications or requisite suitability.

In all these situations the Governor deliberately sidestepped the county public board who manage civil service human resources affairs. The Governor employed 17 directorate cadre employees in contravention of Public Service board scheme of service. Besides, all these directorate positions were specifically given to members of his community.  The Governor has no powers to hire Directors which is a preserve of CPSB.

Targeting one ethnic group, in whichever way you look at it amounts to ethnic profiling and act similar in planning to genocide.

The Governor with express knowledge directed that employees from Gabra community who are on valid contract terms have their terms of contracts revoked and employment terminated. 42 staffs are affected and all Gabra.

This is untenable under our laws and given what ethnicity means in our setups, it would not mean well in near and distant future and effects catastrophic.

The Governor reviewed public participated budget done in March 2017 and amended before tabling before assembly targeting Turbi, Maikona wards drastically reviewing communities’ priorities at Sh15 and 4 million  respectively. In a predetermined review the Governor abandoned Segel abattoir flagship mega project through diversion of Sh120 Million to spate irrigation projects effectively denying the county ksh 410 Million matching donor funding to Segel abattoir. This closed prospects of over 500 direct job opportunities and some more thousands indirectly. This project is perceived by the Governor as beneficial to Gabra community in whose range land the project is located.

But of urgent action is continuing unfair treatment of staffs from this community by the administration of the Governor which are acts of violations human rights and abuse of public office. There’s not a single transfer or placements which are done in line with stipulated regulations as laid down in Public Service code of regulations.

In view of the aforementioned we demand investigation and prosecution of Mohamud Ali the Governor, for abuse of office, and setting communities against each and resultant bloodshed.”

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1 Comment

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