US analyst criticises Raila’s reforms speech, says it lacks substance

NASA leader Raila Odinga (C) who is currently at the US.

NASA leader Raila Odinga’s speech in Washington DC has been described as “an underwhelming performance”.

According to City University of New York’s Political Science don Dr David Monda, Raila’s speech only “raised more troubling questions than answers”.

The don said Mr Odinga in his speech criticised the government too much but failed to offer any tangible alternative agenda.

“I listened with interest to his speech. It raised more troubling questions for me than answers. My overall conclusion from the session was that Raila makes a great critique of the Government without providing any tangible alternative agenda. His speech in Washington DC was underwhelming; high on ideals but low on substance,” he said.

He said attempts by the NASA leader to solve political questions using legal means would hit a snag and advised the former premier to seek for audience with his rival, Mr Kenyatta, to see the matter solved once and for all.

“On the political front, it appears to me that Raila is trying to solve a political question using legal means. This will not work. Justice David Maraga’s ruling on September 1st for a rerun of the election was ground-breaking for Kenyan legal jurisprudence,” he said.

Monda wondered how Mr Odinga expected US ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec to directly advocate for a third election without appearing to undermine the cases within the judiciary.

He added that Godec may be accused of meddling into Kenyan internal political affairs.

“On the diplomatic arena, Raila’s criticism of ambassador Godec should not go unchallenged. It is not clear to me how he expects the ambassador to openly call for third elections without appearing to be undermining the election cases pending in court, the ambassador will also be seen like a foreign power meddling in Kenya’s internal politics,” he wrote.

Dr Monda faulted the former premier for failing to address the neutrality of Mr Godec.

He challenged the former Langata MP to address the methodology he used in identifying the three companies that he called on his supporters to boycott their goods and services and further challenged the NASA leader to say if he could accept the same offer against his companies including Spector East Africa.

“I challenge Raila Odinga to provide leadership in this rocky political season. This is the least I would have expected from his speech in Washington DC,” he said.

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