David Ndii’s most urgent and shocking message

NASA strategist David Ndii.

You steal the peoples democracy and kill the whistle blowers. You oppress the judiciary and call them names. High profile election officials kidnapped and brutally murdered.

Never again shall elections be rigged in Kenya.This madness shall stop.The time has come.  From peace to pieces. Ballot to bullet. Poll to pain.We shall pay the price.

From the rouge police to ethnic profiling. We were all Kenyans until the government classified us, greed separated us and police disregarded us. Mugabe was sworn in, the people removed him.

Kibaki was sworn in the people rejected him. That’s why we are back to the People’s Assembly. Egypt shall tell you more. We refuse dialogue at the expense of electoral justice.

Those who stole our democracy told us to entertain them with our cries. They told us to demonstrate and shout all we want. To entertain them with our sweat, blood and tears.

They justify the murder of our luo brothers and sisters. To justify police brutality and extrajudicial killings. The freedom of a peaceful assembly is now illegal and deleted from the constitution.

You play with the People’s votes, lives, rights and Democracy. This is sheer evil. Babies and pregnant mothers are shot dead while demonstrating.

We shall not watch and see our democracy burried down deep down the soil.

Think. Breath. Pause. Plenty of alarming news will be flying in the next 10 days. Do not succumb to fear or intimidation.

Stay sober and vigil. When the time comes. Come out and play your part. Assembly up and swear the People’s President.


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