Can ‘rotational presidency’ solve our political problems?

The twin elections of August 8 and October 26, 2017, has not only ended one of the prolonged electioneering periods but has left the country undergoing turbulent times than ever before.

That the country is divided is no news.

It doesn’t matter how many people turned up on voting day, but what matters is the number that didn’t vote.

But what solution will save all Kenyans from successive governments now that the Jubilee government is gearing for its shaky term.

Political pundits agree that the inequalities in all spheres of life are arguably the main factor of discontent among Kenyans.

And so begs the question; how do we solve this as a nation?

Solving these inequalities will start with healing the national political imbalance characterized by the major tribes or simply put the ‘perceived political dynasties’, leaving minority as mere spectators.

Although political leaders have been calling for the amendment of the constitution, which is quite a tall order, there are aspects of that process that must be considered.

One cure for this will lie on the discussion of ‘rotational presidency’ context when the process happens to take place.

Failure to check this factor, we are yet, as a country to came face to face to full blown agitation of tribal secession.

It now remains to be seen how Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto can galvanize this country towards that idea.

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